Water Bottle Accessories For Wide Mouth Water Bottles

Upgrade your Iron Flask experience with our selection of water bottle accessories specially designed for our best-selling wide mouth water bottle. Our product features - double-walled vacuum insulation technology and versatile lid sets, to name a few -are only improved by the range of wide mouth water bottle accessories we offer to accommodate all your day-to-day needs.

Versatile Lid Sets

Add even more flexibility to how you use your Iron Flask with additional lid sets from our selection of water bottle accessories. The Straw Lid Set comes with everything you need for quick, drip-free access to cold drinks — such as two BPA-free replacement lids, four straws, and two straw cleaning brushes. Or try our Spout Lid Set that comes with two lids for added value.

Stylish & Durable Protective Boots

Safeguard your water bottle from scratches and dents by pairing it with a stylish and sturdy Protective Boot, a practical add-on for sizes 12-24oz and 32-40oz of our best-selling wide mouth stainless steel bottle. We make it easy to coordinate your Iron Flask water bottle with protective boots in complementary colors such as Aquamarine, Graphite, and Midnight Black.

Functional & Sturdy Paracord Handles

For additional handling options and fast hydration, the highly functional Paracord Handle is designed for optimal performance and durability. Made with indestructible all-nylon kernmantle rope, you can rely on the Iron Flask paracord handle when you're braving the elements. Be prepared for anything with the additional whistle, compass, and built-in fire-starter.

Top Customer Satisfaction

Buy your own wide mouth insulated water bottle today and find everything you need with our line of practical, sustainable, and long-lasting accessories. When you purchase from Iron Flask, you can expect the best customer service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. Shop our collection of water bottle accessories today!

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