Your Iron Flask water bottle is a work of art. And with our accessories, you can keep your prized possession sparkling clean, scuff-free, and in tip-top shape for years to come.

Iron Flask Accessories

The right accessories can take your hydration experience to new heights. Iron Flask is renowned for crafting premium stainless steel water bottles that are durable and keep your beverages at the perfect temperature. The carefully designed accessories truly complete the Iron Flask experience.

Whether you prefer an Iron Flask lid for easy sipping on the go, a straw lid for convenient hydration, or a wide-mouth lid for effortless filling and cleaning, we have a range of options to suit your preferences. We also offer a top-selling bottle cleaning brush to keep your water bottle in mint condition.

Our collection of water bottle accessories adds functionality and showcases our commitment to quality and innovation. We invite you to explore our selection of accessories, each designed to complement your Iron Flask and elevate your hydration game.

Iron Flask Lids and Replacement Lids

Iron Flask lids are designed to meet a variety of needs. Our flip-top lid features a convenient one-handed operation and a secure lock, making it perfect for active individuals. The straw lid allows for effortless sipping without tipping the bottle, ideal for on-the-go hydration. For easy access and cleaning, the wide-mouth lid is a great choice.

All our lids are designed with a leak-proof seal, ensuring your drinks stay secure and preventing unwanted spills. They are also compatible with hot and cold beverages, allowing you to enjoy your preferred temperature throughout the day. Using Iron Flask's replacement lids makes your hydration routine convenient and guarantees a reliable, enjoyable drinking experience. Say goodbye to leaks and spills, and experience the peace of mind of using our high-quality lids.

Water Bottle Tops & Bottle Lids

In addition to the diverse range of lids, Iron Flask offers a variety of water bottle tops and accessories, such as the stylish Paracord Handle. Available in various colors to match your personal style, these accessories add flair and functionality to your water bottle top. The Paracord Handle, for instance, offers a secure grip and easy portability with its durable design. These accessories are designed to be compatible with Iron Flask's water bottles – count on a perfect fit every time. By using these accessories, you can customize your Iron Flask to reflect your personality and meet your specific needs, adding a touch of individuality to your hydration routine.

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Iron Flask

If you’re in the market for Iron Flask accessories, think about how you use your water bottle and what features would enhance your experience. Whether you need a leak-proof flip-top lid for easy access during workouts or a dog bowl for hydrating Fido on the go, Iron Flask offers a variety of options to suit your preferences. The accessories are designed to be compatible with Iron Flask's water bottles, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. With Iron Flask's accessories, you can confidently choose the ones that best align with your lifestyle, ensuring a customized and enjoyable hydration experience.

Additional Information

About Iron Flask

Iron Flask makes water bottles, mugs, and tumblers that make hydration and caffeination a sustainable and convenient experience—extra convenient when you expand your lid collection or outfit your bottle with a protective boot. Level up your bottle and keep it in prime condition for unlimited use.

Water Bottle Replacement Lids

Shop for spout lid sets specifically for Iron Flask narrow mouth or wide mouth water bottles, and always have a water bottle lid on hand—even if you lose one or the dishwasher is taking FOREVER.

Water Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Iron Flask straw lid sets include straw-cleaning brushes to keep your straw sparkling clean and sipping like new. You can also pick up one of our bottle-cleaning brushes to help sanitize every inch of your Iron Flask water bottle, mug, tumbler, or food jar.

Water Bottle Paracord Handles

Iron Flask went all out with its Paracord Carry Handle, made from sturdy yet flexible kernmantle rope. If it’s good enough for astronauts, we figure it’s good enough for our wide mouth water bottles. This handle is water-proof and super durable, and it includes a carabiner, a fire starter, a compass, and whistle, so fill your bottle and get out there!

Water Bottle Protective Boots

Iron Flask water bottle protective boots come in two sizes to fit 12–24 oz and 32–64 oz water bottles. These silicone sleeves act as insulation boosters, built-in coasters, no-slip grips, and bottle-base protectors all in one. They’re sleek, flexible, and snug, and they’ll help keep your bottle living its best life.

Water Bottle Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products, and we offer customers a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we make. Less plastic and more hydration!