Tumblers & Mugs

Tumblers & Mugs

People should enjoy their drinks at the perfect temperature, without spills. That’s why we craft our mugs and tumblers with double-wall vacuum insulation and premium stainless steel construction.

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers & Coffee Mugs

Iron Flask tumblers and mugs will become your fast favorite reusable on-to-go drink containers for their high-quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel material, leak-proof lids, and beautiful color designs.  Our tumblers and mugs are made from ultra-durable material, they are easy to sanitize, and never rusts or leave metallic flavors in your beverage. A powder-coated finish gives our stainless steel coffee mugs and to-go cups a chic matte style and a damage-resistant, sweat-free exterior.

Browse our extensive collection of tumblers and mugs for hot and cold beverages that come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are using an Iron Flask tumbler to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature at home, in the office, or on outdoor adventures, the versatility and durability of our eco-friendly drinkware is unsurpassed. 

Types of Tumblers and Mugs We Offer

From the sleek style of the classic tumbler, the nomad tumbler that comes with two lids, the rover tumbler that keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours, and the coffee tumbler mug that is perfect for coffee cups for on-the-go. Our four different tumblers and mugs are designed to suit every individual’s drinking needs:

  • Double-walled vacuum insulation keeps exterior dry.
  • 18/8 high-grade, non-toxic stainless steel
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
  • No bottle sweat
  • Cup holder-friendly

Classic Tumblers

Use it for coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, the classic tumbler is sleek, modern, and double-walled vacuum insulated. This Iron Flask tumbler comes in four sizes and includes a powder-coated finish. From Aquamarine to Arctic Glow, our classic tumbler comes in 31 soul soothing colors.

  • Sizes: 16 oz., 20 oz., 24 oz., 32 oz. 
  • Keeps drinks cold up to 16 hours and hot up to 4 hours.
  • Classic Tumbler 2.0 comes with two different insulated lids: a splash-proof straw lid with two straws and a 100% leak-proof flip lid.

Nomad Tumblers

The nomad tumbler has a long, sleek, and durable design fits most cup holders and is perfect for fitting into backpacks and big bags. With four sizes and 28 different colors to choose from, this tumbler is not only functional but also fun to enjoy drinks on the go. Whether you're headed to work or on an outdoor adventure, the nomad tumbler allows you to take your favorite drink with you wherever you go.

  • Sizes: 16 oz., 20 oz., 24. oz., 28 oz. 
  • Insulated tumbler comes with two lids: a leak-proof flip lid for hot drinks and a splash-proof straw lid with two straws for everything else. 
  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 16 hours and hot for up to 4 hours.
  • Built-in slip-proof coaster

Rover Tumbler

The rover tumbler is the ultimate travel companion that keeps your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature. This easy-to-grip stainless steel drink container keeps your coffee hot and your ice water cold, even during long-distance travels. In fact, you could fly from Los Angeles to Singapore, an 18-hour flight, and your beverage would still be cold upon arrival at the airport. Available in nine dynamic colors and four sizes, the rover tumbler is the perfect choice for any adventure, ensuring your drinks remain refreshingly cold or piping hot throughout your journey.

  • Sizes: 16 oz., 20 oz., 24. oz., 32 oz.
  • Keeps drinks cold for 18 hours and hot for up to 4
  • Two straws included 
  • Two leak-proof lids
  • Built-in slip-proof coaster

Coffee Tumbler Mugs

Iron Flask coffee tumbler mugs are 100% leak proof because no one wants to spill hot coffee or tea down their new sweater on the way to work. This coffee tumbler mug has a durable handle to help you keep a secure grip on your mug. Save money on coffee shops and help save the environment by investing in the Iron Flask insulated coffee mug. 

  • Sizes: 12 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz.
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 3 hours
  • Leak-proof flip lid


What is a tumbler cup?

The Iron Flask tumbler shares many of the features and benefits as our best-selling water bottle, and is ideal for sipping both hot and cold beverages. It comes with a cup-holder friendly shape and wider top, and also includes a double wall of vacuum insulation. Our tumblers are made with premium stainless steel and sport a powder-coated finish.

What is a tumbler used for?

The tumbler is designed with a clear press-in lid and low-profile opening for easy, drip-free sipping on your favorite hot drinks like coffee, tea, or matcha. It also comes with two BPA-free plastic straws, and two non-toxic stainless steel straws and 2 straw cleaning brushes, making it versatile to use for cold drinks.

What is the difference between a mug and a tumbler?

The Iron Flask coffee tumbler mug has a sturdy handle to keep a better grip on it as you travel through your day.

Can you put coffee in tumblers?

The vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumblers are safe for hot and cold beverages, including coffee. The double wall of insulation will also maintain hot temperatures for hours.

How do I choose the right tumbler?

While it’s true that all of Iron Flask’s tumblers and mugs are quite perfect, which one is perfect for you? 

The classic tumbler is your take on vacation tumbler because it is a one tumbler fits all situation. Use the classic tumbler for your trip to Yosemite to hold a strong cuppa joe in the morning, for climbing half dome by day, and sitting by the campfire sipping your wine at night. 

The nomad tumbler is the transformers of tumblers with a flip lid for hot and a straw lid for cold beverages. 

The rover tumbler is an easy grip tumbler in super fun colors like bubble gum and cotton candy for your walk to work through the city. 

The coffee tumbler mugs have an easy to carry handle and leak-proof lid so you can carry it around all day without worrying you will spill.

Additional Information

About Iron Flask

We think it’s important to do right by our planet with our products. At Iron Flask, we design our coffee mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and food jars from durable double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel that provides lifelong durability and hours-long temp control, so you never have to resort to single-use plastic again.

Stainless Steel Mugs & Tumblers

Iron Flask mugs and tumblers feature high-quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that’s ultra-durable, easy to sanitize, and never rusts or leaves metallic flavors in your beverage. A powder-coated finish gives our stainless steel mugs and to-go cups a chic matte style and a damage-resistant, sweat-free exterior.

Vacuum-Insulated Mugs & Tumblers

Nothing warms the soul like a sip of piping hot coffee when you need one—and the same goes for a cold iced tea or pisco sour. Iron Flask coffee mugs and tumblers deliver just that, every time, thanks to vacuum insulation between two walls of stainless steel. Iron Flask drinkware keeps your bevvie going strong, all day long.

Tumblers & Mugs Shapes & Sizes

Iron Flask tumblers and mugs come in all shapes and sizes, from the sleek Nomad to the curvy Rover, from the classic tumbler to the stout grip mug. Enjoy your beverage in a 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 28 oz, or 32 oz size, depending on your choice of coffee mug or tumbler.

Tumblers & Mugs Lids & Accessories

Our stainless steel, insulated tumblers come with different lid and straw options, depending on the model. The Nomad will show up with a leak-proof flip lid, a splash-proof straw lid, and two plastic straws. The Rover includes a leak-proof flip lid and two separate plastic straws. The Rover 2.0 brings a leak-proof clear flip-top lid, a leak-proof straw lid and two plastic straws. The Classic comes with a press-in lid and two stainless steel straws, two plastic straws, and two straw-cleaning brushes. And our insulated grip mug features a leak-proof flip lid for easygoing sippin’. All lids and straws are BPA-free. Wash everything with warm soapy water to keep it in peak shape for the long haul.

Drinkware Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our insulated mugs and tumblers, and we offer customers a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we make. Enjoy your drink while being nice to mother earth.