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Shop for one of our insulated coffee mugs today and enjoy hot drinks for hours and ditch the disposable cups! Iron Flask is the sustainable choice for you and for the planet.

Grip Coffee Mugs

Whether you’re a coffee or tea-lover, there’s nothing like a steaming drink in your hands to start your day. So grab your favorite type of coffee, start brewing those glorious beans, and find a mug that can keep up with you no matter where your day takes you — Iron Flask’s stainless steel insulated coffee mug has a lid made with impact-resistant tritan, a BPA-free material designed to take a beating. Our 100% leak proof travel coffee mugs are convenient, sustainable, and essential for a daily pick-me-up.

When it comes to durability, convenience, and value, we’ve crafted a mug that checks off all the boxes. Enjoy your favorite hot beverages at home or at work, on your commute, or even when exploring the outdoors — our insulated coffee cup features a dependable 100% leak proof design and a clear, flip lid.

No need to worry about luke-warm beverages or a slippery cup, either. Thanks to our stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulation technology, these insulated coffee mugs maintain your drink’s temperature for hours without creating condensation on the exterior. Hours of insulation depends on the coffee mug size you choose:



12 oz

16 oz

24 oz

Stays Cold up to

8 hours

12 hours

18 hours

Stays Hot up to

2 hours

3 hours

4 hours

If you care about style, Iron Flask has got that covered, too. We make sleek, modern mugs with an easy-grip design. That means you’ll look good and keep a secure grip on these travel coffee mugs. For a more hands-off approach, our tall 24 oz coffee mug features a cup-holder friendly design, making it easier to stow. Choose from a range of sizes to fit your needs, including 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz.

The coffee mug collection is indestructible, so you can depend on it for the long haul. Like all of our products, the coffee mug is made with a double wall of stainless steel, which not only maintains hot temperatures with vacuum insulation but also stands up to daily use. At Iron Flask, quality and performance is our main priority, which is why we added another layer of protection — and style — to our travel coffee mugs with a powder-coated finish. 

Our unique coffee mugs can be easily customized to make them stand out in your kitchen or at the office. Choose your favorite color of tumbler coffee mug and show off your personal style.

We also love Iron Flask travel coffee mugs for their stainless steel body, which means no flavor transfer. Our camping coffee mug is also non-toxic, which is the safer option compared to disposable coffee cups lined with potentially harmful plastic. The coffee mug lids are also made with durable BPA-free materials that are built to last. 

What else? Our insulated coffee mugs will save you money in the long run. When you fill your stainless steel coffee mug with home-brewed hot drinks, you can feel good about sticking to your budget and living a sustainable lifestyle. 

For a mug that keeps coffee hot, Iron Flask’s line of modern coffee mugs is the best option in terms of convenience, style, and affordability. At Iron Flask, upgrade your daily coffee habit with our wide selection: the coffee mug with lid and handle product, the spill proof coffee mug collection, stainless steel travel coffee mugs, the travel coffee mug with handle option, portable coffee mug designs, accessories, and more.  

Shop Iron Flask for Stainless Steel Insulated Rambler-style Grip Coffee Mugs

Discover the coffee mug with with leak proof tritan lid product line from Iron Flask for dependable and ultra-durable insulated coffee mugs to get you through the longest day — whether you’re at home, at work, on the trail, or on the go.

Coffee Mug Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is a coffee mug?

The Iron Flask grip coffee mug has a durable handle on the side, giving you an easy, secure grip when you're traveling or enjoying coffee drinks at home. It also provides convenient, mess-free sipping with the clear flip leak proof lid design, which easily snaps on and off for easy filling. 

What are coffee mugs made of?

The Iron Flask coffee mug is made with high-quality stainless steel, an indestructible material that never rusts or deteriorates. It is also non-toxic, making it a safe and healthy option compared to single-use coffee containers, which are lined with plastic. The coffee mug lid is made out of Tritan, which is a tough BPA-free plastic.  

What is the best travel coffee mug?

What makes the Iron Flask coffee grip mug the best option out there is our top-rated customer service, which includes a lifetime warranty that protects against manufacturing defects and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is a coffee tumbler?

Our coffee tumbler is perfect for carrying coffee or other hot beverages on the go. The tumbler has a lightweight yet substantial build, which makes it easy for traveling. With a secure snap-on leak proof lid and steady sipping action, the tumbler is a good option for enjoying caffeinated beverages when you’re out and about. 

What is the best travel mug for keeping coffee hot?

The best travel mug has vacuum insulation technology, which keeps beverages hot regardless of the outside temperature. Try Iron Flask for the best hot coffee travel mug. Our product’s double-wall of stainless steel insulation keeps beverages hot for up to two hours in the 12 oz model, 3 hours in the 16-oz, and 4 hours in the 24-oz size. 

What is the best insulated coffee mug? 

The Iron Flask insulated coffee mug is the best option, and not just for its many features and benefits. Customers also love it for its style! Mugs are available in a range of fun, eye-catching colors, from festive Terrazzo and Bubble Gum to classic shades like Midnight Black, Graphite, and many more. Another amazing benefit of Iron Flask’s coffee mugs is that they are leak-proof and perfect for coffee on the go!

What is a standard coffee mug size?

A standard size coffee mug is 12 oz. If you need more caffeine to keep you going throughout the day, we recommend the 16 oz, which is considered a large coffee size. For serious coffee drinkers, the extra-large 24 oz size is substantial enough to carry all your liquids and keep them hot for the long haul, while offering a sleek, lightweight design that is easy to carry and stow.

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