Iron Flask

Defying the elements with strength and elegance

Defying the elements with strength and elegance

Cold up to 24 hours
Hot up to 12 hours

Built to Last
& Perform Like No Other

18/8 Stainless Steel

Durable and reliable. No flavor transfer and temperature retention are a few of the key benefits our bottles offer.

24/12 Cold & Hot

Icy beverages stay nice and cool for up to 24 hours. Hot beverages preserve their temperature for up to 12 hours.

Powder Coated

Easy to hold and to love. Our powder coat gives our bottles a beautiful look, and an easy grip for your hands.

Lifetime Warranty

All our products come with a lifetime warranty. Registration takes a minute, and the benefits last a lifetime.

One size
doesn't fit all

Our Commitment

to hydration.

Beautiful Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

If you're looking for a high-quality water bottle that will last a lifetime, Iron Flask has everything you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. The top choice for premium quality products and customer satisfaction, our stainless steel water bottle with double-walled vacuum technology is built for durability, optimal function, and sleek design. Shop our water bottle product line today and discover why customers rave about the Iron Flask experience.

A Wide Assortment of Water Bottles for You

Your day-to-day convenience is top of mind at Iron Flask, so we designed our stainless steel water bottle with a double wall of vacuum insulation that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Utility doesn’t mean ugly, though — a powder-coated finish gives the Iron Flask water bottle an elegant look and an easy, secure grip. It also helps it maintain a polished lustre that holds up to everyday wear and tear.

Premium stainless steel is the best material for an insulated water bottle, with none of the flavor transfer or wasteful pollution that comes with plastic bottles. And unlike other metals, it never rusts, so no metal aftertaste. To complete the package, the stainless steel interior is non-toxic and the lids 100% BPA free, providing reliable temperature retention and a clean flavor with every sip.

Insulated Water Bottles

Take your pick of features for your new Iron Flask water bottle. Start with size: we feature a selection starting at 12 oz and ranging to 64 oz. Choose from a selection of fun and vibrant colors, including Bubble Gum, Aquamarine, Fire, Kiwi Green, Midnight Black, and more. For your convenience, our wide mouth stainless steel water bottle also comes with three lids at no extra cost; if you need a straw, there’s a lid for that, or if you need a coffee sipper, there’s a lid for that, too. Whether you're working out, exploring the trail, or on the go, the Iron Flask water bottle makes it easy to enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverages.

At Iron Flask, we believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Along with our line of premium quality stainless steel water bottles, we also feature high quality tumblers and additional accessories for accommodating active lifestyles such as paracord handles, protective boots, a selection of replacement lid sets, and more.

Durable, reliable, and affordable, our best-selling stainless steel water bottle is built to last, making it an excellent choice for sustainability and reducing plastic waste. In fact, a reusable water bottle is not only better for your health, but also for the planet. According to the Mathematics for Sustainability report from Penn State University, investing in an inexpensive reusable water bottle can save an average American $6,180 after just five years of use. After one year of using a reusable water bottle, the report estimates that a single individual can save 217 plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills or the oceans.

Get Your Iron Flask Today!

To stay up-to-date on our sustainability efforts and new product information, remember to follow us on social media. Whether you are seeking an adventure-friendly drinkware option or a way to reduce your plastic waste, Iron Flask has got you covered. Shop for your own Iron Flask reusable water bottle today and enjoy hours of healthy and sustainable hydration!

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