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Nomad Tumblers

Our Nomad Tumbler is designed with all your needs in mind. It’s sleek, durable, has a secure grip, and fits in most cup holders. Various sizes and colors make it both functional and fun to enjoy drinks on the go.

Insulated Nomad Tumblers

Savor every sip of your favorite coffee or beverage with the Iron Flask Nomad Tumblers. These high-quality tumblers are crafted with precision and attention to detail. With superior insulation, durable materials, and a sleek aesthetic, our tumblers ensure your drinks stay hot or cold for extended periods. They’re the perfect companion for on-the-go adventures.

Features of Iron Flask Nomad Tumblers

Iron Flask tumblers are the definition of eye-catching. Available in a range of colors, the vibrant powder-coated finish is designed to last. Double-walled vacuum insulation guarantees cold beverages stay refreshing for up to 12 hours, while hot drinks remain steaming for up to three hours. 

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the rugged Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler comes with two versatile lids: a leak-proof flip lid for sipping hot coffee or tea and a splash-proof straw lid for convenient on-the-go gulps. Plus, its cup holder-friendly design fits most sizes. Experience the sweat-free satisfaction of Iron Flask's double-walled vacuum insulation and enjoy every sip without worrying about leaks or spills.

Benefits of Using Travel Tumblers With Straws

Using a high-quality travel tumbler with straws offers a plethora of benefits. The cup enhances your beverages by preserving flavors and ensuring a delightful drinking experience. Durability is another advantage, as premium Iron Flask Nomad Tumblers are built to withstand daily use and are less prone to leaks or breakage. Embracing a reusable tumbler also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the staggering amount of waste generated by disposable water bottles. Plastic bottles pose environmental risks, contributing to pollution and harming ecosystems. By choosing Iron Flask's products, you actively participate in waste reduction, promoting a greener future.

The Difference Between Our Tumblers

Need help deciding between the Nomad Tumbler, the Rover Tumbler, and our Classic Tumbler? Start by considering how you’ll use your new tumbler. If you’re looking for a way to stay hydrated at work and want something that’ll easily fit into most cupholders, aim for the Classic Tumbler. 

If you’re constantly on the go and need something with a leak-proof lid, try our Rover Tumbler. For the most rugged adventures, consider the Nomad Tumbler, which includes both a leak-proof lid and splash-proof straw lid. Weigh these factors when choosing a new tumbler to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences.

All three options come in various sizes that allow you to choose the perfect capacity that suits your hydration requirements. All Iron Flask tumblers are made from rugged stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation. This insulation technology ensures your beverages stay cold for up to 12 hours or hot for up to three hours without sweating or affecting the exterior temperature.

About Iron Flask

For the nomad in you, find the travel tumbler to accompany you on all your journeys. At Iron Flask, we’re all about providing high-quality, affordable products that support a sustainable, active lifestyle. Our nomad tumblers come with a straw lid with two straws and a flip lid so you can switch them depending on the sitch.

Vacuum-Insulated Tumblers

Both the Straw Lid and Spout Lid tumblers are double-wall vacuum-insulated. So whatever your drink of choice, your vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and never sweats.

Stainless Steel Tumblers

At Iron Flask we love stainless steel. Why? Zero flavor transfer, they'll take a beating and still look flawless, they never rust and are totally non-toxic. What’s not to love?

Tumbler Lids & Accessories

Our Nomad Tumbler is spill-proof and super versatile. It comes with a straw lid and a flip lid. The splash-proof straw lid includes two BPA-free straws for fast, drip-free hydration. The flip lid is totally leak-proof, so you can drink hot beverages like a boss. Check out the specially designed straw cleaning brushes to make sure your straws are always spotless, inside and out.

Tumbler Warranty

Iron Flask products are built to last. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.