Thirsty? Don’t Wait

Did you know that thirst is not a helpful indicator of your hydration level? As a matter of fact, according to an article published by Mayo Clinic, by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Dehydration can impact your ability to think and to perform. Stress, agitation, and even forgetfulness can be triggered when you are not properly hydrated.


There are a couple of common reasons for people to not hydrate throughout the day:

  1. Out of sight, out of mind: Unless you work out of your kitchen, you are probably not regularly reminded of the goodness of an icy cold drink.
  2. Lukewarm water is underwhelming: Let’s say you pack your water for the day, after sitting in the car or at your desk for hours, the temperature is no longer ideal … it may have even warmed up under the sun. Warm water is rarely enticing when you are thirsty.
  3. Plain water is not attractive to some folks: That’s fair, however, there are ways around this. Flavor your water! There are many ways to add a little spice to your water including fruits, herbs, and flavor packets.

Iron Flask is here to help you bring your A-Game!

We get it. Staying committed to a proper hydration practice can be burdensome. Thankfully, our double-wall insulated, stainless steel, reusable water bottles remove the hassle out of the hydration equation.

  1. Convenience: Fill up your Iron Flask water bottle with your favorite beverage and you are good to go. Your Iron Flask will look great at home and at work, so no matter where you are, hydration can be with you in plain sight.
  2. Temperature retention: Lukewarm water does not sound appealing, and we could not agree more. Thanks to the vacuum insulation technology of our bottles, your Iron Flask will hold the temperature of your beverages for hours! So you can have access to icy cold water for up to 24 hours or piping hot water for up to 12 hours.
  3. Plain or flavored, water on the go: Regardless of your preference, your Iron Flask is the ideal reusable water bottle to help you seize the day. Whether you want flavor-infused water or plain water on the rocks, we got your back!

Be kind to yourself: stay hydrated. And remember, you got this!

The Iron Flask Team