One for Everyone

Iron Flask has become a favorite of many because of our strong, durable, and affordable double-wall vacuum insulated, stainless steel, reusable water bottles. Our Iron Flask is elegant and versatile. Whether you are looking for a travel-friendly drinkware option, a way to track your daily water intake, or a cup holder friendly bottle, we have many color and size options for you.


How to choose the right size to start your collection? We have some tips below!

Iron Flask 14 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

This is a favorite of toddlers and little kids. The 14 oz. Iron Flask perfectly fits in lunch boxes and backpacks. This bottle is light enough for kids to carry around, the straw lid is easy on their fingers, and parents love it since it is leak proof. Bonus: the 14 oz. Iron Flask is cup holder friendly so this bottle is road-trip approved!

Iron Flask 18 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

Coffee lovers out there, this bottle was made for you. Thanks to Iron Flask’s double-wall vacuum insulation, your beverages can remain hot for up to 12 hours! Imagine having that freshly brewed coffee or piping hot water for your tea, on-demand! The 18 oz. insulated water bottle is cup holder friendly, and if you chose the straw lid option, it can be clipped to your bag thanks to our new carabiner lid.

Iron Flask 22 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

Whether you want cold or hot beverages, the 22 oz. Iron Flask might be just the right choice for you. This bottle is cup holder friendly so it is ideal to run errands or to take water on the go! Easy to refill at water stations, the 22 oz. Iron Flask is very popular with people on the move. Some of our customers use the 22 oz. Iron Flask as a bedside option, this makes it easy to drink cold water in the middle of the night while skipping the trip to the fridge.

Iron Flask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

Fill’ er up and go outside! Will you be adventuring in the great outdoors? Perhaps a short hike or a stroll on your bike? The 32 oz. insulated water bottle provides half of your recommended daily water intake, and although this bottle is not cup holder friendly, it can easily be carried in backpacks or attached with our carabiner lid. The 32 oz. Iron Flask reusable water bottle is ideal to go shopping, take to the gym, the office, or simply to use around the house.

Iron Flask 40 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

Pump, pump it up! Hydrate at the gym or during your yoga practice. The 40 oz. Iron Flask carries enough fluid to meet your hydration needs during workouts or even as you work on your yard. While this bottle is not cup holder friendly, it attaches nicely to backpacks making it a favorite for avid hikers. If your schedule is meeting heavy, the 40 oz. Iron Flask might be a great option to stay hydrated during the day as it will require fewer refills. Thanks to our many color options, you will be sure to find an Iron Flask that complements your workspace. Have fun!

Iron Flask 64 oz. Wide Mouth Straw Lid or Spout Lid:

Do you work outside? On the road all day? Are you a soccer mom? Planning a camping trip? Need enough water to take on the boat? This 64 oz. Iron Flask was made for you. This one is what the doctor recommended, 64 oz. in one bottle means you don’t need to track how many glasses of fluid you are consuming throughout the day. Imagine drinking icy cold or steamy hot water all day! If that’s your goal, this bottle is the right one for you.

The bonus features!

No matter what size or color you choose, there are important features that make Iron Flask the ideal drinkware choice for you:

  1. Stainless steel is easy to clean, it is durable, and maintains the flavor integrity of your beverages.
  2. Double-wall vacuum insulation means that the temperature of your beverages will hold for hours!
  3. Working out? The one sweating should be you, not your bottle. The vacuum insulation in our bottles prevents sweating and condensation, this means you don’t have to worry about water residue in your car or on your furniture.
  4. The elegant powder coat finish on Iron Flask bottles provides a non-slip grip and vibrant colors.
  5. Three lids included with EVERY bottle. That’s right. We believe high quality should be affordable, so no need to pay more to get your favorite tops.
  6. A lifetime warranty is part of the package with all of our products. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction. Read the reviews, our customers love the service and responsiveness we provide. We are sure you’ll love it too!

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize. We have protective silicone boots to enhance the durability of your Iron Flask. Check out our paracord handles, they make it easy for you to carry your Iron Flask to all your adventures. Want more straw lids or a cleaning brush? The straw lid set offers all you need.

Up your hydration game with Iron Flask. And remember, you got this!

The Iron Flask Team