Iron Flask Donations and Social Responsibility

Photo by Thibodaux Regional Medical Center 

Since day one, the mission of Iron Flask has been to make the world a better place – for today and for future generations. This purpose has been an integral part of our company’s vision, and how we create our top-performing products like the iconic Iron Flask stainless steel water bottle. We accomplish this through our sustainability, community, and contribution initiatives. 

Our line of Iron Flask water bottles and drinkware is designed for both convenience and for fostering a more sustainable way of life. We believe in sustainability for a better world and future. We are committed to reducing plastic waste with our line of best-selling stainless steel water bottles and other products built with indestructible stainless steel.

Along with our ongoing support of charities and activism we believe in, we are also committed to building an online community promoting health and wellness. At Iron Flask, we regularly update our blog with useful tips on healthy hydration, fitness, and other wellness topics.

What Social Responsibility Means to Us

Looking at the big picture is an essential part of our mission and purpose. That's why we have pledged our support for various charities and social activism that aligns with our ongoing quest to make the world a better place. We support charities doing important work including:

  • Providing care packages for cancer and chronic patients
  • Community organizations
  • Supporting front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Driving social justice 
  • Creating a sustainable future 

Please consider donating to one of these amazing organizations. Together we can make a huge difference in our community.

Since launching Iron Flask in 2016, we’ve been incredibly grateful for all our customers that support our mission by purchasing our products and living more sustainable lifestyles. Now, it's our turn to give back to the people and communities that have supported us over the years. In 2021 alone, Iron Flask donated a total of 3,600 stainless steel water bottles into the hands of those in need. This number is just the beginning –  a drop in the bucket when it comes to hydrating and nourishing our neighbors and community. 

1. Cancer and Chronically Ill Patients Care Packages 

Hydration is particularly important to patients facing serious health challenges, and we wanted people to know that they are supported and not alone. That was why we decided to donate water bottles to be included in care packages put together by big-hearted volunteers, which contained basic need items and thoughtful gifts to lift their spirits. In 2021, Iron Flask donated hundreds of water bottles to thirsty patients and their caregivers. 

Care Pack 4 Spoonies 

Here at Iron Flask, we want to make sure chronic pain patients always feel loved and supported, which is why we donated water bottles to be included in care packages distributed by Care Pack 4 Spoonies volunteers.

Miracles for Kids 

Iron Flask supports children with serious illnesses, including those fighting cancer, by donating water bottles to be included in care packages distributed throughout the year by Miracles for Kids. Being a part of these care packages is important to us because we believe in their ongoing commitment to supporting families and kids impacted by pediatric illness. 

2. Community 

There’s nothing more important than community, which is why we’ve donated hundreds of bottles to local organizations over the last year. By helping our friends and neighbors stay hydrated, we arm them with the tools they need to tackle challenges like community safety and education. 

4 Paws 4 Rescue

It’s important that our charitable donations reach a wide range of those in need, including all our furry friends at 4 Paws 4 Rescue animal shelter. This nonprofit organization is committed to rehoming abandoned cats and dogs through fundraising efforts and a team of hard-working volunteers. 

3. Frontlines

First responders and medical professionals working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis are essential for every community working together to get through tough times. That's why we have made it our priority to reach out to medical units, hospitals, and clinics to donate stainless steel insulated water bottles to all the staff. Our line of reusable drinkware was also donated to support employee fundraisers, another way to positively impact essential workers in the medical community. 

During this unprecedented time of quarantines and overwhelmed communities dealing with the pandemic, we are showing our support by coordinating with various organizations and small businesses to distribute our best-selling stainless steel water bottles to healthcare workers at Children’s Specialized Hospital, Thibodaux Regional Health System, Sturgis Hospital, and more.

Monument Health Rapid City Hospital EMT 

Working bravely as the first line of defense during the COVID-19 crisis are the EMTs at Monument Health Rapid City Hospital. We gave them the gift of healthy hydration with Iron Flask water bottle donations. 

4. Social Justice

The modern social justice movement supports a bright future for all Americans. With this in mind, we’ve worked with a wide range of organizations that help build a better tomorrow for everyone. Over the last year, Iron Flask has donated water bottles to the following group:

Girls For A Change 

Another organization we care about is Girls For A Change, which offers workshops and various life skills training for Black girls. As part of our mission to promote social responsibility, we are thrilled to be part of empowering these young women.