What the Color of Your Water Bottle Can Tell About Your Personality

You can tell a lot about a person based on their water bottle. First and foremost, carrying a reusable water bottle sends a clear message that you care about hydration. Whether ...

color personality
color personality

What the Color of Your Water Bottle Can Tell About Your Personality

You can tell a lot about a person based on their water bottle. First and foremost, carrying a reusable water bottle sends a clear message that you care about hydration. Whether ...

Monday, Aug 08, 22
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You can tell a lot about a person based on their water bottle. First and foremost, carrying a reusable water bottle sends a clear message that you care about hydration. Whether your goal is to hydrate for health reasons, to increase your performance at the gym, or just combat dry mouth as you run around town, colorful water bottles are an eye-catching way to demonstrate your commitment to hydration. 

Reusable water bottles might also reflect a person’s feelings on single use plastics. Ditching bottled water is a great way to reduce plastic waste in favor of a more eco-friendly option. A stainless steel water bottle can keep beverages cold all day, then be washed and reused again and again. 

Bright colored water bottles send other messages, too. Color psychology research has evolved tremendously over the years. Different shades can actually shape our perceptions and personalities. Each color represents a different aspect of a person’s work ethic, motivations, and personality. By diving into color personality research, you can learn a bit about yourself and others in your life. 

Color Psychology: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Few people realize just how powerful color psychology can be. Different shades impact our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in different ways. Marketers know this all too well; odds are good that you’ve purchased one product over another solely based on color. While color psychology is commonly used in marketing, it bleeds over into other areas of our lives, too. 

Feelings about color are deeply personal and often rooted in cultural beliefs. For instance, in the Western world, white is associated with purity and innocence, while it’s seen as a symbol of grief and mourning in many Eastern nations. Only by understanding our own preconceived notions about color can we begin to discover the true power behind our favorite shades. Learn what your favorite color says about you below:


When it comes to color personality, few shades are as bold as red. It’s associated with excitement, energy, danger, action, and passion. It’s a color intended to grab attention and provoke strong emotions. For these reasons, red personality types are often seen as adventurous, impulsive, thrill-seeking, and more than a little intimidating. 

Color symbolism doesn’t have to necessarily reflect the way you live your life, of course. Maybe you opt to purchase a red water bottle because you want a bright pop of color in your daily life. Perhaps you opted for red because you wanted to be able to quickly identify it among a sea of black or blue bottles. Whatever your reasons behind choosing a red bottle of water, it’s clear that you were born to stand out!


Blue is the world’s most common favorite color. It’s not hard to see why. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and of twilight. It’s often seen as tranquil, sincere, and calming. Blue personality types are therefore frequently associated with such traits. Blue is also traditionally associated with baby boys and is the color most preferred by men. 

Because blue is so beloved across cultures, it’s often seen as a non-threatening option. It’s a sign of stability and dependability, which is why you’ll see so many blue logos. While blue has a number of symbolic meanings, it’s also frequently associated with depression and sadness. Having “the blues” isn’t a good thing, despite blue being such an international favorite color! 

Blue’s power lies in this contradiction. While some find it sad or somber, others find blue peaceful and inspiring. It’s all part of what makes color personality psychology so fascinating. One thing's for certain: selecting a blue water bottle can send a clear message about your personality, values, and even your state of mind. 


In terms of color symbolism, green is incredibly powerful. Most people associate green with money, power, and luck. It’s also reflective of nature. The shade brings to mind grass, trees, and lush forests. It’s a tranquil and refreshing color – it’s not hard to see why green is so beloved.

Because green is associated with nature, it can have a calming effect on people. Some scientists believe humans are hardwired to look for green, as its role in nature indicates a place with food, water, and shelter. Nowadays, we’re more inclined to perceive green things as natural, healthy, and good for us. 

Of course, not all associations with the color green are positive. The shade is often linked to envy – as in “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Most fans of the color green like the shade in spite of this association, not because of it. Selecting a green water bottle may send a signal that you’re straightforward and loving, and that you value peace above all else. 


Orange is one of the most energetic and uplifting colors there is. It’s bold – most people either love it or hate it. The color theory psychology behind why orange elicits such a strong response is fascinating. A 2018 study in Frontiers in Psychology found that the shade was perceived as exciting and energizing, making it more difficult to engage in tasks like studying. 

While you won’t find much orange in study spaces or libraries, it’s a popular color for many sports teams and traffic signs. Orange demands your attention. In that way, it’s one of the most powerful colors there is. 

If you select an orange water bottle, you may be perceived as social, extroverted, and the life of the party. You’re cheerful and enjoy nurturing your friendships and relationships. In terms of productivity, nobody tops orange personality types. 


Odds are good that you know somebody in your life who is passionate about purple. Purple lovers are often loud and proud about their favorite color, dressing in the shade whenever possible. Purple personality types are unafraid to shout their preferences to the world. It’s all in line with the psychology of the shade.

Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty, luxury, and wealth. Those associations stem from the ancient use of Phoenician purple dye, an expensive option typically reserved for the most powerful people in society. While purple shades are much more common these days, the hue remains incredibly popular. 

If you’ve chosen a purple water bottle, you may be perceived as quirky and quick-witted. You love unique things and take any chance you can to stand out in the crowd. You crave individuality and will always take the road less traveled.


Positivity, happiness, and the warmth of the sun all come to mind with yellow. This color personality has a lot going for it; it’s attention-grabbing, energizing, warm, and bright. The shade evokes many happy childhood memories of boarding the school bus or writing with a number two pencil. It’s no wonder so many people love yellow!

Though yellow can be energizing, it can also have a downside. Yellow is often associated with conflict, aggression, and frustration. Though inherently cheerful, the shade can sometimes be perceived as a little too bright – especially when you think of glaring overhead lights. Still, people love yellow because it’s a reminder of warm sunny days and happier times. 

If you’ve selected a yellow water bottle, you likely possess a very positive mind frame. You’re adventurous, optimistic, and above all else, cheerful. Your smile is likely infectious – odds are good that you’re the true life of every party!

Finding the Right Colorful Water Bottle

What is your color? Choosing just one to represent your identity can be a challenge. Thankfully, Iron Flask water bottles come in a number of shades and cute color combinations. You don’t have to settle for just one color anymore! Gradient color palettes look especially cool in water bottle form. 

Whatever your favorite color, Iron Flask has the options and features you need. From spill-proof lids to easy to clean stainless steel, our water bottles are sure to deliver the hydration you need in the most stylish and convenient manner possible. Explore all the possibilities now!

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