Official Guide to Bringing Coffee & Hot Drinks to Go

If your favorite morning pick-up-up is a cup of coffee, make the most of your caffeine habit by updating your daily routine with the best travel coffee mug from Iron Flask. We’v...

best travel coffee mug
best travel coffee mug

Official Guide to Bringing Coffee & Hot Drinks to Go

If your favorite morning pick-up-up is a cup of coffee, make the most of your caffeine habit by updating your daily routine with the best travel coffee mug from Iron Flask. We’v...

Friday, Oct 07, 22
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If your favorite morning pick-up-up is a cup of coffee, make the most of your caffeine habit by updating your daily routine with the best travel coffee mug from Iron Flask. We’ve outlined everything you need to include on your checklist for enjoying coffee on the go.

How to Keep Coffee Hot

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa - Whatever is your caffeine du jour, enjoy it to the fullest by keeping your kitchen stocked with a mug that keeps coffee hot. Iron Flask. The best thing about the Iron Flask coffee mug and tumbler collection is the double-walled insulation, which will keep your coffee or tea steaming hot for hours or icy cold if you're in the mood for an iced drink. The advanced design of double-walled stainless steel insulation and secure lids prevent three types of heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. 

Conduction: Every model in the Iron Flask product line is made with two layers of stainless steel, a feature that prevents heat transfer by conduction. Conduction is the direct flow of energy between two objects, which the double-wall of insulation handily prevents. This is what keeps beverages in the Iron Flask mugs and tumblers nice and hot for hours. You can fill up these travel mugs and tumblers with your favorite homemade brew and depend on it to get you through your day. 

Convection: In addition to conduction, another reason coffee gets cold so quickly in a traditional glass mug - or vice versa for icy cold drinks - is because of convention, another type of heat transfer. This occurs when an invisible flow of air impacts the temperature. That’s why the Iron Flask coffee mugs have tight-fitting spill-proof lids, which keep air flow from penetrating the interior. As a result, the airtight leakproof lids significantly slow down the heat transfer, maintaining the same temperature for hours.  

Radiation: The double wall of vacuum insulated stainless steel also stops heat from radiating out of the hot coffee due to air temperature. This happens when electromagnetic waves produce heat transfer, through radiation. In this case, the inner layer of stainless steel keeps drinks hot by reflecting the interior temperature back into the center of the bottle through the electromagnetic waves of radiating energy. Working as an insulated vacuum, the inner wall slows down radiation-induced heat loss, a function that keeps hot or cold temperatures from escaping.

Tips on Finding the Best Travel Coffee Mug for You

Need coffee on the go? Sipping on your favorite caffeinated beverage is one of the great joys in life, so make the most of your morning cup on your commute to work and afternoon coffee break with the best travel coffee mug from Iron Flask. 

  • What is the material? The best material for a mug that keeps coffee hot is 18/8 stainless steel. Not only is it indestructible, but it’s also non-toxic and has no flavor transfer, so your drinks will always taste exactly as they should. That’s why it’s the healthier and more sustainable option compared to commonly used disposable cups made with plastic-lined cardboard. While single-use cups are a convenient option for coffee on the go, your java or other hot beverage will have a hint of cardboard flavor.
  • Is it insulated? Along with the pollution factor, another problem with disposable cups is that they don’t have the insulation needed to stay hot long enough for you to enjoy it at just the right temperature. The best travel mug to keep coffee hot is one with a double wall and vacuum insulation, a top feature of Iron Flask’s hot drink tumbler collection. Not only will your drink stay hot for up to four hours, but the stainless steel insulation will also keep the exterior from sweating, giving you a secure grip and no splashes in your cup holder. 
  • Does it come with a lid? The entire anatomy of our mugs are designed for on-the-go convenience. Every model in the Iron Flask coffee mug collection comes with a durable and 100% leak-proof lid that fits securely, giving you dependable, mess-free hot drinks on the go. The streamlined press-in lid also provides safe and comfortable sipping action that’s perfect for enjoying hot beverages. Another benefit is the BPA-free tritan scratch-proof plastic, which is easy to clean and also healthier than disposable cups lined with plastic. Some lids also come with the option of straws such as the Classic Tumbler, making it a versatile travel coffee mug that keeps coffee hot or ice cold. 
  • Will it be easy to carry? The collection of Iron Flask tumblers are designed for coffee on the go, which means each mug is equipped with a variety of functional features depending on your needs. Some models such as the Classic Tumbler and the Nomad have a sleek yet substantial build that will keep you caffeinated throughout the day and also fit in most cup holders. Other designs come with an easy-grip handle on the side, giving you the traditional feel of a glass mug but with on-the-go convenience. 
  • Is the design sleek and stylish? Every day convenience and sustainability get a stylish update with the Iron Flask line of reusable coffee tumblers and mugs. The elegant body is made with ultra-durable stainless steel and a powder-coated finish that maintains its shiny, just-like-new exterior. Along with its useful features for top performance and convenience, you also get the added fun of color. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns from Aqua and Midnight Black and Terrazzo and Ocean. With so many choices, it's easy to coordinate your coffee travel mug design with your everyday gear. Show off your stylish — and sustainable — lifestyle at #IronFlask
  • What is the best size for me? Choosing the best size tumbler or mug depends on your specific needs. That's why our collection includes different sizes, from 12 oz to 32 oz. A standard size coffee serving is 8 oz, so the 12 oz Grip Coffee Mug should keep you caffeinated throughout the day with extra room for almost the amount of a second serving. For serious coffee drinks, the 16 oz Classic Tumbler or Nomad is twice the standard size, allowing you to fill it with two servings that will stay hot for up to four hours. The next size up is the 24 oz, which holds three standard coffee servings, and the 32 oz that equals four servings; these extra-large sizes are ideal if you’re toting beverages for the long haul.   

Iron Flask's Best Insulated Coffee Mugs

If you’re looking for the best insulated coffee mug to take your caffeine habit to the next level, look for a top-rated travel mug for hot and cold drinks from the Iron Flask collection.

Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot: 24 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

There are many reasons the 24 oz Grip Coffee Mug is one of our bestsellers. The extra-large size holds three standard servings of coffee, making it a dependable caffeine delivery setup. The double-wall of vacuum insulation in the 24 oz size is the best mug to keep coffee hot because it maintains hot temperatures for up to four hours without any condensation on the exterior. Another useful feature is the side handle, giving you a classic coffee mug grip but with all the useful features of a reusable travel tumbler such as lightweight stainless steel, and a 100% leak proof, BPA-free tritan lid for easy sipping on your favorite coffee drinks. It also comes in a range of different colors and patterns, giving you lots of options for stylish and sustainable coffee on the go.  

Most Versatile Travel Mug: 16 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

For all the handy and convenient features of the 24 oz Grip Coffee Mug, the 16 oz size still holds double the amount of the standard coffee size but with a more lightweight build, making it versatile for traveling or using at home. With a double wall of stainless steel vacuum insulation keeping drinks hot for four hours, this popular Iron Flask coffee tumbler provides dependable caffeine — wherever and whenever — making it the best travel mug to keep coffee hot. It also comes in fun colors like Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy, plus classic shades like Graphite, Twilight Blue, and more. 

Cutest Travel Coffee Mug: 12 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

If you’re a moderate coffee drinker and want to stay caffeinated with a stylish insulated tumbler, the 12 oz Grip Coffee Mug is our cutest model in the collection and perfect for espresso drinkers. The sleek build and easy-grip handle gives it the look and feel of a traditional coffee cup but with the convenience of a reusable stainless steel travel tumbler equipped with practical features such as vacuum insulation and leak proof lids with mess-free sipping. With the 12 oz Grip Coffee Mug, you get all the great features of an Iron Flask tumbler, plus the cutest and most stylish caffeine delivery, thanks to a choice of many different colors and patterns. With all these available options, we make it easy to coordinate your coffee mug to look streamlined and elegant as you take on the world. 

Armed with the best insulated coffee mug from Iron Flask, you are now ready to maximize your daily intake of caffeine — the other Vitamin C. 

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