5 Benefits of Bringing an Insulated Tumbler Cup To Work

If you need coffee or tea to keep you going strong during the workday, you're not alone. A 2020 report from the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans consume c...

5 Benefits of Bringing an Insulated Tumbler Cup To Work
5 Benefits of Bringing an Insulated Tumbler Cup To Work

5 Benefits of Bringing an Insulated Tumbler Cup To Work

If you need coffee or tea to keep you going strong during the workday, you're not alone. A 2020 report from the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans consume c...

Monday, Aug 08, 22
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If you need coffee or tea to keep you going strong during the workday, you're not alone. A 2020 report from the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans consume coffee daily and 87% of millennials regularly drink tea. A testament to these striking statistics, the modern world is fueled by a steady flow of hot beverages, which is why tumbler cups should be included on everybody’s work essentials checklist.

Woman pouring coffee into Iron Flask Tumbler

What is a Tumbler Cup?

A versatile stainless steel tumbler makes it easy to enjoy any type of beverage on the go, from warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate to ice cold sports drinks and other beverages. Look for a tumbler made from materials you trust — the Iron Flask tumbler line comes with a BPA-free plastic lid with a mouthpiece that allows for easy access to drinks, whether you’re on the move or focused on desk work. And with a modern, slender build, this portable travel companion ensures regular hydration (or caffeination!) throughout the day.

Look for a tumbler like the Iron Flask line:

  • Fits in most cup holders for convenient storage.
  • Versatile design making it convenient for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Additional accessories included: 2 stainless steel straws, 2 BPA-free plastic straws, and 2 straw cleaning brushes.
  • Premium 18/8 stainless steel tumbler cups are durable and built to last.
  • Available in a range of fun colors like Dark Night and Bubblegum.
  • Find the best model for your needs with 32oz, 24oz, and 16oz sizes. 

What is a Tumbler Cup Used For?

Whatever your beverage of choice, make the most of your work breaks with the affordable investment in a stainless steel tumbler, an essential accessory for enjoying hot or cold drinks on the go, at home, or the office.

The extra accessories included with an Iron Flask tumbler set allow you to easily adjust it for your daily needs. For enjoying cold or room temperature beverages, we recommend the tumbler with a straw. The stainless steel straw provides mess-free access to drinks and a clean taste with every sip. Also included with tumbler cups, the BPA-free plastic straws allow for more flexibility when you need fast, cold hydration on the move.

For hot beverages like coffee drinks and tea, the lid is specially designed with a small, low profile opening that allows you to slowly sip warm drinks without any mess or spills. Even better than a traditional glass coffee mug or tea cup, vacuum insulated stainless steel also maintains hot temperatures for several hours, varying by size.

Benefits of Bringing Your Tumbler to Work

If you're making a list of things to pack for a work trip or need to update your home office essentials, here are some other reasons why we recommend investing in a stainless steel tumbler:

1. Stainless Steel: The Best Material for Tumbler Cups

Whatever the scenario, tumbler cups made with stainless steel can maintain warm beverages for 4 hours and cold drinks for up to 16, thanks to the advanced technology of double-walled vacuum insulation. Other benefits include:

  • Ultra durable stainless steel never rusts or imparts a metallic flavor.
  • Easy to take with you on the go; lightweight stainless steel is the best material for a coffee tumbler.
  • Double wall insulation keeps the exterior sweat-free.

2. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

When you include stainless steel tumbler cups in your work bag essentials, it’s easy to incorporate sustainability into your everyday routine. While drive-thru coffee can be convenient, insulated tumblers are better for the environment compared to disposable coffee containers. In fact, every part of the to-go coffee cup is harmful to the environment and human health. The most common single-use cup is made with cardboard coated with polyethylene, a common building block of plastic that has been identified in numerous studies as an endocrine disruptor, which damages the reproductive systems of wildlife and humans. Not only are these single-use plastics bad for people and animals, but they also can't be recycled, so they end up in landfills or oceans, releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the environment.

When you bring your own coffee tumbler to the office, that means one less disposable coffee cup that will be added to the growing problem of plastic pollution and production. Over the weeks, months, and years, using a reusable travel coffee mug is a great way to live sustainably and help reduce plastic waste. You can also show people how easy — and on-trend — it is to be sustainable at work by posting your stainless steel tumbler cup on social media.

3. Save Money

Taking a coffee break with workmates is a great way to help reduce stress and break up the work day. But costing several dollars or more, depending on the type of drink, these coffee breaks can add up over time and cause a significant drain on your finances. If you go out for coffee everyday, a cappuccino or latte typically costs around $4–5, which can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars over months. Over several years, you could easily spend a small fortune on drive-thru coffee. A more budget-friendly alternative is to fill your tumbler cup with coffee or tea made at home and then refilling it as needed from the office coffee maker. As finance expert and author of The Latte Factor, David Bach puts it, "A latte spurned is a fortune earned."

4. Safe and Convenient Coffee Whenever, Wherever

Single use coffee cups are convenient, but they're also flimsy and prone to accidents and spills if you're not careful. In contrast, reusable stainless steel travel mugs are built for dependability and high impact use, while still being lightweight for easy traveling and storage. When enjoying hot beverages, having a drip-free, tight-fitting plastic lid and ultra durable stainless steel body is especially important to ensure safety and convenience when you're out and about.

5. More Sanitary

Staying safe and healthy from germs is on everybody's minds these days, another reason to include a stainless steel tumbler as one of your essentials. When sharing space with others, we recommend carrying your own clean and sanitized coffee tumbler; that way, you can avoid any cross contamination from using communal mugs and utensils in the break room. To make sure your tumbler cup doesn't get accidentally swiped or misplaced, look for bright colored models that are easy to spot. You can also personalize your coffee tumbler with decorative decals, a fun way to enjoy staying caffeinated and hydrated at work.

Pro Tip: How to Clean & Sanitize Insulated Tumblers

If you use any kind of dairy or dairy alternative in your coffee or tea, it's especially important that you clean and sanitize your tumbler cups no later than 20 minutes after use. We recommend routinely washing your reusable tumbler by hand with warm soapy water, which will protect the powder-coated exterior of the tumbler cup from getting damaged in the dishwasher. You should also use a designated bottle brush to scrub hard to reach corners inside the bottle and on the lid where bacteria can accumulate.

Whether BPA-free plastic or stainless steel, straws are another place where bacteria and dirt can hide, so make sure to use the straw cleaning brushes daily. Designed to scrub the smallest of spaces, straw cleaning brushes make it easy to keep your tumbler cup accessories sanitized and squeaky clean. For more information on how to care for your tumbler, check out the Iron Flask Care Tips.

When it comes to office essentials, a rotation of tumbler cups will ensure that you stay sufficiently caffeinated and hydrated at the office — a smart move for your health and the planet.

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