2022 Iron Flask Gift Guide

Still need to mark a few names off your list? We’ve got the perfect gift ideas.

2022 Iron Flask Gift Guide
2022 Iron Flask Gift Guide

2022 Iron Flask Gift Guide

Still need to mark a few names off your list? We’ve got the perfect gift ideas.

Friday, Dec 02, 22
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It’s easy to overthink a gift, which is why we end up in mid December with the deadline of the holidays looming. But, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Ultimately, a thoughtful gift should be useful, fun, and add value to someone’s life, so if you can check those boxes, you’re well on your way to a big smile when the wrapping comes off. And that’s why we’re here today!

At Iron Flask, we’re all about quality, utility, and fun, which is why we’re definitely not short on gift ideas. Whether you’re looking to buy something for that athlete in your life or the person who’s simply running the day-to-day marathon, we’ve got the perfect gifts for anyone. Right now, we have a massive amount of Iron Flask products available for 25% off, and pet gifts are set to 30% off, so there’s never been a better time to stay festive with Iron Flask.

With that in mind, we put together our 2022 Gift Guide to help you get started. 

For the Kids

If you’re going to nail one gift this holiday season, make sure it’s the kids. Our Kids Water Bottle (in 10 oz or 14 oz) is a great gift for the little ones, with a ton of fun designs to truly make it their water bottle. Another great on-the-go option is the 12 oz Kids Tumbler, also with fun designs. By picking up something from Iron Flask, you’re striking the perfect balance and keeping your kids hydrated and happy all at once. And, for packing up a school lunch or prepping that picnic, the 13.5 oz Food Jar can keep your kids’ meals hot or cold on any day.

For the Athlete

If you’re looking to give an athlete the perfect gift, try offering up some good old-fashioned hydration. There’s nothing more essential to athletic performance. A personal favorite for Iron Flask athletes is the One Gallon Water Bottle (with Spout lid or with Straw and Spout lids), which allows them to get the all-day hydration they need. And, for a smaller option, no gym kit is complete without our Wide Mouth Water Bottles, available in 14 oz - 64 oz options. 

For Daily Grind

Athlete or not, we all have lives to live, and an insulated, durable Iron Flask is one way to make the day-to-day just a little bit easier. That’s a tough gift to beat. To add a little flair to their daily hydration routine, check out our Retro Water Bottles in 17 oz or 25 oz options, which are perfect for slipping into a backpack or keeping on your desk. Our Narrow Mouth Water Bottles are another great, versatile option that can take you from the gym to soccer practice and everywhere in between. Last, and certainly not least, give that coffee connoisseur in your life the gift that keeps on caffeinating with our Grip Coffee Mugs in 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz options.

For the Parents

For the on-the-go parent, versatility and simplicity is key, and nothing embodies those qualities better than our Classic Tumblers. Whether you’re looking to sip coffee, hydrate, or even enjoy a cocktail after the kids go to bed, they’re a great do-it-all choice for the busy parent, with several different drinking options included. Or, if the parents get an actual day off for a change, we’ve got two types of can coolers—our Slim Can Cooler and Standard Can Cooler—to keep those frosty adult beverages refreshing.

For the Adventurer

We all get a wild hair every once in a while, and if you know someone who gets them more often than not, we’ve got some great options for those who go. Our sleek Nomad Tumblers are ready to hit the road whenever you need them, and our Rover Tumblers are the perfect choice for a mid-hike break. And, if you need to pack a lunch to go or keep ingredients fresh in the wild, the 16 oz Food Jar has plenty of space to keep hunger at bay.

For Furry Friends

We can’t forget about the furriest family members! Our Dog Bowls (made in 32 oz or 64 oz) are stainless steel for easy cleaning and have a non-slip bottom so Rover doesn’t go skating across the kitchen floor. It’s a simple, clean solution that both canines and their owners will love. 

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with an Iron Flask. As we mentioned before, try not to overthink the gift-giving side of things this season and go with something that’s both fun and functional because you shouldn’t have to pick just one. 

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